Our Values

Worship (both private and corporate)

Worship reflects our acknowledgment of God’s perfection and power, our adoration of Him as a person and our willingness to be spiritually transformed by Him. Worshiping together strengthens us as individuals and brings faith, unity and clarity.


The mandate given to us by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:19-20, and God’s love for people motivates us to reach out to all. The call of the Local church is to get ready a bride for Christ’s return, by making disciples of all nations. We are convinced that the purpose and result of the local church existing, should always be an effective witness for Christ and an reaching out to a world in darkness.


We believe that we are all called to serve God by serving others. We value the privilege of serving Christ by serving each other. Our desire is that every person in the local church becomes active in some way in serving each other and the communities we live in. Jesus set the example:  Mar 10:45 For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve..” an we certainly desire to follow Him in this way.

Training and equipping

Part of the role of the church is to train and equip every member to be as effective for God as possible. This requires time and devotion. We set a high value to this kind of training and equipping and encourage all the be present and participate in training times.


A group of called for a special purpose. Relationally connected and covenantal in partnership, the church is called to work together and love each other deeply from the heart. Although we are all individuals, putting to the good of the whole community above that of our own is part of how we roll. Being honest, respectful and honoring in the way we treat people is what we strive to hold to.


Those who love God and rely on the church for their Spiritual growth are responsible to give generously towards its support. The management of our finances, time and relationships, is a reflection of how we manage all the resources God has entrusted to us. It is an outworking and reflection of righteousness, gratitude, obedience and sensitivity.